Drowning through Underwater

The Stream: Poor, boring and obvious plot development leads to a lack of empathy for the characters or their menace

The Big Screen: The typical lifeless performance by Kristen Stewart strangely wasn’t horrible

The Final Bill: Wait to view this on a streaming service if you can’t find anything else to watch after scrolling a while.

-S2S: Movie Reviews

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Action
Rating: PG-13 (a little bad language and a little blood)
Director: William Eubank
Starring: Kristen StewartT.J. MillerJessica Henwick
Run Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Movies Trailers: Black Widow (May), The Lovebirds (Apr.), New Mutants, Fantasy Island, the Turning (Jan.), Birds of Prey, The Woman in the Window

Glub Glub Glub…. that’s bottom of the ocean talk for “Welcome to Stream to Big Screen”. This week we were able to review the movie, Underwater. Underwater features Kristen Stewart as mechanical engineer, Norah, who gets trapped in the world’s largest and deepest drilling site and laboratory at the bottom of the ocean. Norah and the rest of her crew of aquatic researchers must find their way to safety and back to the surface before the laboratory, or worse, kills them. The Director, William Eubank, who has two previous directing credits to his name for The Signal (2014) and Love (2011) which didn’t do anything in theaters, also has another upcoming feature, Tautona, which sounds quite interesting. Interestingly enough, Eubank has a common theme in his films of space or the deepest part of the ocean or cave. Uninterestingly enough for Underwater, the film seems to be following his other films into obscurity.

Let’s brighten this review up before it gets dark like the bottom of the ocean. This will be quick. Kristen Stewart was her typical lifeless, seemingly drugged, emotionless self. Surprisingly, that didn’t ruin the movie. Kristen does a solid job leading us to the end of the movie as she is the main focus. The only other character of note is a crew member played by T.J. Miller. Without T.J., the film would’ve gone without it’s comic relief. Thank you, T.J. That’s all for the positives folks.

Other than that, the film lacks development. If you should choose to see the movie, truly pay attention to the opening credits and newspaper articles like I did. The headlines of those articles basically give you the background of the film and that’s all you get. The movie felt rushed. Strangely, the movie also slows down at times to bring anticipation and those moments also fail. The film lacks direction and development. There are context clues and slight discussion in the movie but none of it leads you to even really dive into the movie (you see what i did there *nudge nudge*). The little bit we get about each character’s background only highlights every predictable character trope.

Now, I must admit that I do love a bad movie. My wife and I set up date nights to try to find a good terrible movie on a streaming service, and Underwater doesn’t even fill that slot. It’s one of those movies that is trying so hard to be good, and it’s just failing at all aspects.

Now, watching the trailer, you will know and see that there is a creature that is attacking the crew. If you haven’t seen the trailer, please watch it below. From the trailer, the creature looks like trash and during the actual movie, IT GETS NO BETTER. In fact, it gets worse. The movie really skimped on CGI, but the parts they did pay for I will admit were slightly cool. Needless to say, the creature you came to see attack them isn’t even worth the money.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

This movie is nowhere near worth watching in the theater. They tried hard to give us suspense, comic relief, and a “scary monster” but it all failed, except a few giggles and a couple moments that made you say “ooooooo”. At best, this movie gets one single popped corn. Check Underwater out after a solid 10-15 minutes of scrolling through your favorite streaming app and prepare to underwhelmed.