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Maya Angelou once said… “you can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been”. And I believe that to be true. Thus, I have dedicated a page to my previous reviews on Facebook. This page begins with fledgling reviews to the newer more in-depth review. Please note that review scales and styles varied and changed from 2009 to 2019. We look to provide an update with current scale comparison. Also please note that movies were based against other movies in their own genre and not across all movies.

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Avatar: “Avatar was a surprisingly good movie…. reallllllllly long but a good movie”

Law Abiding Citizen: “just watched Law Abiding Citizen and I must say Bravo Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler… enjoy the lord’s day everyone”

The Karate Kid: “Jayden Smith has jumped into my #1 spot for child actors!!! GO SEE THE KARATE KID!!! ”

Inception: “Inception…WOW…just WOW!!!”

Jennifer’s Body: “Jennifer’s Body…. Top 10 worst movies ever”

Megamind: “Megamind is a pretty good movie”

The Proposal: “ok fine the Proposal was a good movie” follow up review about 5 months later “Ok so the Proposal is now in my top 20 of favorite movies! Sandra Bullock is such a hottie!”

Stomp the Yard: Homecoming: “how sad is your evening if youre watching …. Stomp the Yard: Homecoming…. aka Stomp the Yard 2…. LOLOLOL! Morehouse ques would be in that jank… i aint saying they were bad but this movie STINKS!!! lol”

The King’s Speech: ” just finished the King’s Speech… not the greatest movie ever but it was really good… a film on how to gain confidence in yourself aka swag”

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li: “watching Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li on FX …. what an awful movie LOL why do i subject myself to these things”

Harry Potter and the Deathly hollows Part 2: “just saw the final Harry Potter movie…. pretty darn amazing…. but what movies do i have to look forward to now???”

Source Code: “i just watched Source Code (im late)… but the ending makes no sense. I get that its a different reality and she got the email and whoopie; however, in the real world she let him die therefore once that happens isnt everything just his afterlife? like its a different reality but only in his mind that no longer is living… which means he has a half body of himself on life support in a lab in the world hes in lol”

Step UP 3D: “why am i actually sitting through Step Up 3d? lol how dancing can mesmerize”

Coming to America: “I watched Coming to America this morning… still hilarious! what a classic! but let me tell ya you aint finding no Lisa McDowell in Queens any more lol”

Immortals: ” Immortals was pretty good but no where near 300″

Red Tails: “Red Tails was a pretty good movie”

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows: “sherlock holmes 2 was better than the first! i didnt even expect it to be better!”

Chronicle: “the movie Chronicle…. was just ok… it started out pretty cool… and then storyline just tailed off hard”

Rio: “The movie Rio was pretty darn good… and just reminds me to put Carnival in Rio on my bucket list”

Hugo: “if youre a fan of the history of film then go watch the movie Hugo… it was pretty good… kind of harry Potter meets Polar express lol”

Safe House: “i’d give Safe House a B+”

Sucker Punch: “Sucker Punch is a way worse version of Pan’s Labyrinth”

Moneyball: “just saw Moneyball and it was a really good movie”

Horrible Bosses: “Just saw Horrible Bosses…. it was a slightly above average movie…”

Think Like a Man: “If you havent seen Think Like a Man you are truly missing out! THAT MOVIE IS HILARIOUS and real! ladies stop playing games out here and let your defenses down…”

Water for Elephants: “Embarrassed to admit this but water for elephants is a pretty good movie…. I’m too sleepy to study but can’t fall asleep because of this dang movie”

Avengers: “just saw the Avengers…. pretty good movie… not the best ive ever seen… Hulk did his thug thizzle but Iron Man is still the man!” and
“first [iron man] was good and 2nd [iron man] was much better than people gave it credit for… i enjoyed both… but now for the avengers…. its is a little worse than the first iron man because it doesnt have the great beginning like iron man 1 had… but its at least as good as iron man 2 if not much better”

Wrath of the Titans: “just saw Wrath of the Titans… movie was ok… had some good action scenes but can you explain to me the complete and utter disrespect for Greek mythology?! lol John McGaffigan all and all i’d give it a: watch on Hulu plus, Netflix type of movie”

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: “is it just me or is Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter just Van Helsing as Abe LOL”

The Three Musketeers: “the new 3 musketeers movie… which came out a long time ago is really good! 8.7 out of 10”

The Amazing Spider-man: “the new Spiderman movie was really good” “its worth the watch”

End of Watch: “End of Watch… Pretty darn good movie!”

Super 8: “Watched super 8 and A thousand Words this weekend: (10pt scale)
Super 8- pleasantly surprised but still not that great 7.2

A Thousand Words: “eddie eddie eddie… give it up… but not as bad as i expected… 6”

Looper: ” sooooo Looper was pretty good but predictable… 7.9″

Skyfall: ” Skyfall… pretty darn good!”

Django Unchained: ” Django Unchained… a must see” “bruh…. its 2 hours 21 mins…. i would go back to watch it again tonight.”

Argo: “ok… im late on this but Argo was really good.” (was my nominee to win the Oscar, just for reference)

Beasts of the Southern WIld: “Beasts of the Southern Wild …. pretty good movie”

Flight: “I just saw Flight… 7.9-8.3 for me… thats a pretty solid really good movie… denzel did really well and though it may not be a movie you watch over and over… its definitely worth watching”

Silver Linings Playbook: “silver linings playbook…. GREAT MOVIE!” “8.9 out of 10”

Mama: “soooo i saw the movie Mama today… pretty interesting… only slightly crappantstastic” (crappantastic= scary)

Hansel and Gretel: “just saw hansel and gretel… kind of bad arse! go see it just for some good killing action”

Seven Psychopaths: “just randomly watch Seven Psychopaths…. interesting story… but not that great… 6.6 out of 10”

Jack Reacher: “just watched jack reacher…. pretty entertaining but the ending is very anticlimactic…. 7 out of 10”

The Call: “just saw The Call with the boo…. J.G. gives it a 8.5…. I give it a 7.4 entertaining…. not worth the ending, should’ve explained why he was so crazy…. DUDE WAS A G THOUGH!”

Oblivion: “just saw Oblivion…. not good. 5.9 out of 10. wait for it to come out on dvd. TC you can do better”

Jack the Giant Killer: “watched Jack the Giant Killer…. entertaining… sadly better than Oblivion. 6.4 out of 10”

Man on a Ledge: “Man on a Ledge… pretty good. very predictable but good humor and side characters… 6.9”

Pain and Gain: “Saw Pain and Gain today… pretty darn good, ridiculous and funny…. 7.9 out of 10. (sad its a true story though lol)”

Chernobyl Diaries: “just watched Chernobyl Diaries…. utter failure…. (worst rating yet) 4.0 out of 10. they didnt even try with that movie… and i’ve watched some bad bad movies”

Iron Man 3: “saw Iron Man 3… pretty good (despite what Phil Hall says) 7.3 out of 10…. i like the action… storyline has some good connections but is also a little whack. The suit makes this movie.”

Moonrise Kingdom: “moonrise kingdom just ended… pretty good movie 7.8”

Fruitvale Station: “man fruitvale station got me over here tearing up! smh” ”
just to make it clear… no tear dropped LOL I manned up hardcore…. but that video of him carrying his daughter on his back almost got me”

Wolf on Wall Street: “Wolf on Wall Street – awesome movie”

12 Years a Slave: “12 years a slave….. classic.”

Lone Survivor: “Finally got a chance to watch Lone Survivor… pretty good movie… not gonna lie”

Interstellar: “Interstellar…. 7.5 out of 10…. The length was not the issue but towards the end they failed to use the time valuably to establish the plot line along with theory explanation…. Good movie but was lacking a wow factor. Matt Damon a Thot for that”

Gone Girl: “Gone girl…. 7.8…. Very interesting and yet the last 15 minutes seemed soooo contrived….”

Lucy: “Finally watched Lucy last night…. Cool concept but horrible execution, horrible acting, and plot was stupid…. 5.6…. Barely worth watching”

Birdman: “Birdman….. pretty interesting movie…. 7.6… one that you either will like or not”

American Sniper: “American Sniper… 8.2…Good movie… Sad ending”

Project Almanac: “Project Almanac… 7.6… entertaining and fun but also predictable… questionable ending… good watch on the big screen”

No Good Deed: “big surprise for me…. no good deed…. 8.2! Le Turn UP! pretty great movie actually”

Avengers: Age of Ultron: “Avengers 2… Pretty good…. Not better than the first but good” “8.375”

Pitch Perfect 2: “Pitch perfect 2…. 7.4… Entertaining movie especially if you like singing but storyline not so great lol but what could you really expect”

Jurassic World: “Just saw Jurassic world…. 7.3… Entertaining movie, especially for the big screen but had periods of lull that didn’t add anything to the movie… Overall worth seeing on the big screen”

Horrible Bosses 2: “Horrible bosses 2…. 7.5… Pretty fun but predictable and a but too much at times”

Ant-Man: “Ant Man …. 8.6 really good movie and definitely worth seeing on the big screen”

Maze Runner: “Maze Runner… 7… Pretty entertaining but the storyline makes very little sense… Even after being explained at the end. Got some good suspense though…. Maybe the second movie will be better”

Fantastic Four: “Fantastic Four… 7.2. Good movie… but it was very slow and not as much action as i expected. solid movie though”

Dope: “Forgot to say this before… Dope… 8.8. Great movie and fun to watch! A must see.”

Poltergeist: “Poltergeist…. 3.9… not scary and not even close to the original”

Focus: “just watched Focus (thanks free hbo weekend) 7.9-8… I liked this movie… had me emotionally invested throughout. I do enjoy me a Will Smith movie. good watch”

Southpaw: “Southpaw…. 7.9-8 … Pretty good movie in the first half… But then becomes a predictable and anticlimactic boxing movie I’ve seen before a million times…Forrest Whitaker was pretty good though”

Straight out of Compton: “Straight out of Compton….. 8.2… Good movie only negative is that it quickly turned into an Eazy E documentary rather than an NWA bio pic”

The Visit: “The Visit…. 6.7… has some super creepy moments and a good twist but some of the acting was just that horrible… and rapping”

The Gift: “The Gift… 7.9… good movie but the ending left you wanting more”

The Gallows: “The Gallows… 7.5… solid creepy movie but quite predictable”

Chappie: “Chappie… gets you invested but isn’t great. Entertaining to say the least… 7.6”

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: “Hunger games: Mockingjay part 2….. 8.1. Good movie but left me empty. I understand this is the end of the series but the ending should’ve been more fulfilling… To me that is. Go see it”

It Follows: “It Follows… 7.0… The movie is pretty creepy and the idea was really interesting But the execution was off and at some point in time it got to redundant. Had some good thrills though. Worth watching for free for sure.”

The Wedding Ringer: “The Wedding ringer… 7.5 – regular story…mix of thats my boy, wedding crashers, and i love you man… surprisingly funnier than i expected. good watch”

Get Hard: “Get Hard- 6.6 – funnier than expected but will ferrell killed the movie. he makes it almost unbearable at times but he also has a couple classic will moments. worth watching for free if bored.”

The Perfect Guy: “The Perfect Guy- 8. Creepy and turns up a bit. Good watch especially if you’re a chick that wants that perfect guy with a lil edge to him LOL” “a high quality lifetime/lmn movie”

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: “The Perfect Guy- 8. Creepy and turns up a bit. Good watch especially if you’re a chick that wants that perfect guy with a lil edge to him LOL ” “no way… there was no suspense, no surprise, no new gadgets, no hot chick, the storyline was stupid, and the bad guy was ok not even great”

Concussion: “Concussion…. 8.1 … only reason not higher because though the nfl hasn’t taken a hit so far… football in the long run will take a hit and as it should to protect the greater good. otherwise very good movie.”

Crimson Peak: “First movie of the day: Crimson Peak… 5.5… portrayed as a horror movie and not even close to it… a little turn up but so glad i didn’t waste my money even for a matinee showing”

Spectre: “Spectre… 7.5… Classic bond movie but really the storyline wasn’t great or even original. The action wasn’t that crazy either but it was still very entertaining. worth the matinee price. (also not even a good looking bond girl in this one…)”

The Martian: “Forget to say… I saw the Martian…. 7.3… Really not as good as people were trying to make it seem… Slow start to the first half of the movie, awkward comic relief parts, overall good story but they never needed to talk about any rewards for this movie… No movie with Kristen wiig and childish gambino ever deserves an award”

Malificent: “Maleficent…. 7.5… surprisingly a very good movie. Had some dope action scenes but some bad acting as well.”

Deadpool: “Deadpool… 8.3… but you definitely got to know you’re getting into a rated R movie lol”

Allegiant: “Allegiant… 6. Don’t spend night time money on it….entertainment value is high… story and acting very low…. *spoiler* also bad… i hear the book ends completely different”

10 Cloverfield Lane: “10 Cloverfield Lane- Very Good movie but had a couple lulls and “this is stupid” moments. Good storyline and plot except for a couple “this is too much” moments. Matinee MOney… but 8.

Trainwreck: “Trainwreck…. 6.5…. Cameos made it worth watching…. But I would never wish upon anyone that much direct viewing or listening to Amy Schumer… “

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice…. 8.4. COMPLETELY WORTH SEEING ON THE BIG SCREEN. I saw it at the matinee price… and i wouldn’t have been mad if i paid the night price. Only knocks… it is very long… but knowing there are other movies coming after this it had to be a long intro movie. they also throw a lot at you in this movie in trying to set up the justice league. Great action, very entertaining. Ben and Jesse do great jobs. I wish Gal Gadot had a little bit of a bigger role… but she will in future movies for sure.”

Repentance: “Repentance… 7.8…. It turns up… And pleasant surprise Mike Epps did a great job for his role.”

Captain America: Civil War: “Captain America: Civil war…. 8.3! Definitely a must see. Jammed packed with action, favorite characters and a couple new. Definitely gives you the whole spectrum of emotions. 100% Worth seeing for the night price but is even better if a buy/steal at the matinee price.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: “Finally watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens… 8. Solid movie… like the characters, looks great, has some campy/funny parts, and some good action. Bad… pretty predictable and a little slow. Worth watching”

Hush: “Hush (2016)…7…. pretty good movie but a couple issues… very quiet movie, very dark movie (as in the lighting is mad dark) so its hard to pay attention to, a little unrealistic but hey its a movie… good netflix movie to watch if you want to be creeped out a bit “

X-men: Apocalypse: ” … 8.5! If you like this series of x-men movies then there’s nothing not to like. Action, happiness, sadness, destruction, creation…. Sappy at times, hilarious at times. Definitely worth watching.” “i think Days is probably more watchable on a daily basis but this one is more entertaining overall because of how many characters and the action”

The Boy: “The Boy…. 7.5… Shocked by this rating actually… Slow at first, creepy at times, pretty great twist. Definitely watch it for free” “it started dumb slow… but the twist raised the shizzle from a 4 to the 7.5 lol”

Now Your See Me 2: “Now you see me 2…. 8.7! Go see it! It’s got everything you could wasn’t in a movie…. Literally. UPS, downs, action, comedy, drama, excitement, a lull, special effects… Definitely worth the money! (caution certain peoples voices might erk you but you get used to it)” “I should have said as well… You do need to see the first movie first to understand but i guess you could go back afterwards”

Mission Impossible: 5: “MI-5…. 7.1… the movie was just like other movies out but Jon Snow actually does an ok job and the action in it makes it watchable”

The Forest: “The Forest…. 7.3…. pretty creepy but a suspect ending… made sense but not the ending wanted”

Central Intelligence: ” Central intelligence….7… Good movie… Fun… Got some laughs, got action….. The rock and Kevin hart worked well together…. Not worth night time money but hit that early matinee, if you don’t wait until red box”

Independence Day: Resurgence: “Independence Day: Resurgence … 6.9… really wouldnt pay money to see it in the theater…. UNLESS IN IMAX… i could see how that might be dope. Otherwise the movie for some reason was lacking something … i wanted to be entertained but it just didnt have what the first movie had… also throw too many storylines in”

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping: “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping…. 7…. there were some enjoyable parts… a couple funny things…. the music makes it better if you like the lonely island… but not worth seeing in the theater… good movie to watch if you want to just giggle and nothing else on tv.”

Warcraft: “Warcraft… 7.6… pretty entertaining movie… but even too nerdy for me… would watch the second installment if it were to come out”

The Jungle Book: “The jungle book….5.5… Not enough trash in the world to describe how trash and disappointed I was in this movie… People hyped this up way too much.” “It was watchable trash… If I were a kid it may be better lol”

Krampus: “Krampus…. 5.5…. watchable… but dont waste the time… this should also tell you how bad the jungle book was LOL”

The Shallows: “the shallows… 6.4… only watch for free… “

Bad Moms: “Bad Moms… 7.1… has its funny parts… but super predictable at every single minute of the movie lol could literally stop paying attention for 5 minutes multiple times and still not miss anything lol”

Birth of a Nation: “Birth of A Nation.. 8.1… Solid movie… its a little rough to get through in the hate of history, and gruesomeness of the past… main deterrent… nat’s mustache lol”

Ride Along 2: “Ride Along 2…. 8… surprisingly really funny… basically exactly the first movie just set elsewhere lol i shouldve gone to the theater for this but glad i watched it for free on hbo”

The Legend of Tarzan: “The Legend of Tarzan… 7.9… not a crazy storyline… but good action… a lil far fetched with the cgi but entertaining for sure”

Dr. Strange: “Dr. Strange …. 8.5…. Worth night time money…. Maybe even worth Imax money…. But you know I’m not paying that lol…. Good intro movie, funny, action, …. Full range of emotions.”

Sing: “Sing…7.1 for adults… 8.3 for kids. Fun movie especially if you like singing or singing competitions… Predictable though lol”

Split: “Split…. 8.1…. pretty great acting by prof. x … turns up”

Fifty Shades Darker: “50 Shades Darker… 5…. wait for it to come on Skinomax free preview weekend in like 5 months.”

Don’t Breathe: “Don’t breathe…. 6.8… Interesting story… Executed poorly “

Kubo and the two strings: “…. 7… Fun to watch… Super predictable and lame ending. Great visually. Shouldn’t win the Oscar compared to zootopia. Worth watching”

Logan: “… 8.2… Very good movie especially if your a hugh/wolverine fan… Ok storyline, great action, some really good humor…. Roller coaster ride worth the money…. Warning… Super violent lol”

Get Out: “…. 8.4… Very good movie.. Pretty hilarious… And I know many of us have felt the same way in this movie lololol worth seeing”

The Great Wall: “… 6.7…. Definitely not worth paying to see but entering and some good action and pretty to watch…. But Damon needs to rethink his life after this lol only thing that saved this movie for me is the red viper!”

Power rangers: “….. Definitely for teens but fun… Matinee money. 7.2”

Sleight: “…7.5… Slow… But eventually turns up here and there… Actually a refreshing movie even though it’s very similar origin story to other things… Matinee money at most”

Hidden Figures: “… 8.1…. very good movie… can’t believe i didn’t watch it sooner…. but glad i saved my money LOL”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: “… worth seeing buttttttttttttt not as good as the first one… a lot of jokes that flopped but a lot of good humor. Very enjoyable though…. 7.9”

Wonder woman : “… 7.9… That $8.60 first showing matinee price was right on. Great action, visually great… Pretty predictable and corny but very enjoyable. “

Moana: “… 7.3… Finally got to watch this on Netflix and I wasn’t disappointed. Good movie… Don’t like the songs in it except maybe 1(crab song was pretty terrible but maybe I need to hear them all again). The rock was pretty good… Great for kids but I feel this was a knock off Mulan. The ocean stole the show for me.”

Spiderman: Homecoming: “…. 8.1… fun, entertaining movie… also annoying at times because of the high school age setting. Michael Keaton my man tho! Zendaya might as well have not been in it LOL Either way… would say pay night money but if you catch the matinee you definitely wont be mad at yourself. I do wish i could see it again before rating… this is a border line movie for me on this rating… could be higher if i saw it again”

Fist Fight: “just saw Fist Fight… surprisingly funny! 7.5… glad didn’t go to the theater but i wouldn’t have been mad if i did”

The Hitman’s Bodyguard: “…..6.9… While entertaining… Wait for tv…. Definitely don’t take children to it. Couldn’t be any more predictable of a movie. I will say it was funny and action filled though”

Colossal: ” just saw Colossal…. 6…. not even really sure what i just watched…. the movie took turns and now i don’t even know where i’m at…. don’t watch it lol” “honestly was going to give it a 5…. but! then i remember there are bums like you around who might understand or enjoy this movie…. so i went nice and gave it a 6”

The Girl on the train: “… 5… Way too long… I figured out why when how dude killed chick without them telling me and then there was still 35 minutes left in the movie… This is a “I’m bored at home and nothing on tv but can’t go outside because it’s raining” lifetime unoriginal movie lol”

IT: “…8.0…. pretty darn good. the kids are great in it…pretty creepy (i dont like clowns)… some of the horror part was a copy from the insidious and the conjuring which takes away from the movie to me…definitely go see as a matinee film.”

American assassin… 6.5… Not original…. Started out strong and then followed down the every other movie like this trail. Michael Keaton was good as usual tho… The bad guy wasn’t cool and this movie definitely would make middle eastern counted hate us lol… Wait for HBO. “

The Circle: “Finally watched… The Circle…. 5… so glad i didnt go to the theater for this…. i might not even say watch this if it came on tv. now the message thats its sending is quite quite relevant to the current world with the over exposure of information and social media… but the movie definitely did not pan out… and didnt even have a resolution… waste of time.”

Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween: “On the Madea scale, this was not the best… But I did get some laughs in… Boo 1 was better. Wait for netflix”

Thor: Ragnarok: “… 8.2…. Definitely worth seeing. Funny… Maybe even too jokey. Great action…. Storyline… Average [for the marvel universe]. Lol “

Justice League: “…. 8.1…. Definitely worth watching on the big screen especially if you’re a fan off These heroes. Can be corny, plot development not Oscar worthy…. Action is legit… And made me laugh a few times. Matinee money for sure” “Stay through the credits”

Star Wars: Last Jedi: “…. for star wars fan… go see it in the theater for sure… NOW for regular people… 8.1… good movie BUT it is nothing new, nothing different…. like literally didn’t move the storyline at all (minor movement, if at all) This movie is literally just to make money and get rid of the last old characters from the original movies. Matinee Movie if anything… no night time movie prices for the regular movie goer”

Bright: “… Definitely worth watching because its free. Think end of watch meets Lord of the rings meets lethal weapon 1. Lol probably gonna be a second one… I’s watch that too for free”

Cloverfield Paradox: “…. IS SO DUMB!!!!!! got about 2 or 3 turn up parts… if you got time to kill… feel free… otherwise… wait until its the last thing on your queue LOL”

Black Panther: “… Go see it!”

Shape of Water: “……6.5…. utter garbage for an oscar nominee… looked great, directed well… pretty good acting… actual plot and movie… GARBAGE lol”

Red sparrow: “…. 7.3… Matinee movie at best… Back story of black widow mixed with salt and black swan lol…. Biggest knock… Way too long… But if you like a frisky Jennifer Lawrence… Go see it”

3 Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri: “… solid solid movie… if it was in the theater now… i’d say 8.3. great characters and acting in this movie… you really take on how the characters feel.”

A Quiet Place: “…. Wait for tv/netflix… 6.”

Ready Player One: “…. 8.2… Really fun movie. Everything Pixels should’ve been. Definitely worth seeing in theater.”

Avengers: Infinity War: “…. If you don’t see out in theaters you’re crazy…. Same as Black Panther.”

Deadpool 2: “… 8…. Good movie… Get the matinee price. Very funny”

Incredibles 2: “… 8.3… super fun.. family movie, pretty funny… surprisingly great action… but unfortunately super predictable LOL Go see it especially if you liked the first Incredibles… doesn’t miss a step”

Hereditary: “…. 7.2…. Suspenseful, super slow, nothing new… About 3 turn up parts throughout the movie. If you like horror movies… Catch the Matinee/early bird cheapo ticket”

Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom: “….. 7…. Wait for Netflix”

Ant-Man and the Wasp: “…. 8.3… Marvel keeps delivering… Entertaining, funny, great action scenes… A little predictable”

Equalizer 2: “…. 7.5… Good action… If you liked the first then you’ll like this but go ahead and get that matinee”

Sorry to bother you: “…. I feel this doesn’t get a number… This is definitely something to see on Netflix… Not because it’s bad but because it gets weird…. If you want see it matinee only to support because it does have a good message but you’ll be like “wtf” by the end lol if I had to give a number…. 7.1″

Mission Impossible: Fallout: “Mission impossible 20 (or whatever Its called) … 7.5…. Good popcorn movie… No more than matinee because it’s literally just a combination of the previous movies…predictable to a max… Also super long for no reason… Suspense at the end was executed well though”

The Meg: “…7… What can I say that you wouldn’t already expect from this movie…. Ok… Jason Statham is the worst lol popcorn movie… Funnier than expected… More predictable than expected… But has very good intensity if I want to put something positive…. If bored and loved shark week… Go matinee…”

BlackKklansmen: “… 8… good movie… rough to get through at times… but definite a solid Spike movie… and for the Get Out lovers… J. Peele did his thang too. definitely try to catch a matinee before it’s out of the theaters… (clearly a racially charged movie)”

Crazy Rich Asians: “…heard it’s got some stark differences from the book… probably for ease of scenery, ease of drama/reality to make it a romantic comedy. Kind of found it hard to care about the characters for a bulk of the movies on top of the corniest….. also i hear they dont make them seem as crazy rich as the book LOL… make your own opinion… im torn on how low to give it LOL… netflix and chill”

The Nun: “… 7.4… matinee only… not as spooky as the others in the universe… plus you kind of know the ending already… but it does have chilling moments for sure”

The Predator: “…. Straight garbage….5.5…. Netflix if your bored and don’t pay for the subscription. Does have funny parts but action ain’t that great. They should’ve rethought the storyline. “

Venom: “…7.9… Definitely catch the Matinee… If you feel froggy pay full. Entertaining film… A little dragged out and would’ve appreciated more antagonist development…. But go catch a laugh or two” “the [poor] reviews aren’t fair to whether you will laugh or be entertained…. the reviews are right about michelle… she’s awful [in this movie] LOL”

Robin Hood: “… Solid movie… 7.3 catch the Matinee, if anything. Entertaining but unrealistic lol also check out the clothes for the stars vs extras lol it kept distracting me”

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: “Fantastic beasts 2…. 7.5…. Solid movie but it left you wanting…. I felt something was missing the whole time… They over complicated the movie for reasons I understand BUT….it also simultaneously dampening the current movie. This is based on I didn’t like it as much as the first as well… But not that it was that much worse. The end is pretty great…. But also too heavily foreshadowed. Go see it for potter fans for sure… For non fans… Its just a good story to watch that you can take or leave if you’ve seen fantastic beasts 1”

Creed 2: “…. 7.6 … Exactly what you expect it’s going to be… Don’t get me wrong executed well But just another rocky movie… Good to see on the big screen but definitely can wait for Netflix”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: “… 8.5 in the cartoon movie world… Spider-man and comic fans … Definitely go see it (maybe even 3D and you know i dont say that lightly). For everyone else who just likes Spidey or has children… Go see it… Fun, funny, roller coaster of emotions, its not perfect but it darn sure tried. The animation is definitely unlike any other cartoon/pizar movie out. Everyone else… this is a good watch on netflix but you’d definitely miss out on the big screen feel for sure”

Aquaman: “… 7.4…. Popcorn movie … Ok for matinee but not as good as wonder woman. Predictable but looks good and has some good action… Bored on Christmas day…. Stay home with your family and don’t see it lol but after your family bothers you… Go matinee the next day lol”

Bird box: “… This Netflix movie is hot garbage lol”

Bumblebee: “…. 7.9… Solid movie… Better than the last few transformer movies… But still the same ole same ole… Has funny parts but also super corny parts. Forced emotional rollercoaster ride… Catch the matinee… Pre teens and kids will enjoy”

Escape Room: “…. For the horror/thriller/suspense fans… 7… Its an average movie with a knock off of the Saw movies but not gory… You can wait to see this on Netflix… The rooms are ok… Character development was pretty lame and stereotypical character types from all movies like this.”

Glass: “…mixed emotions on this… My head says 7.9/8… My heart says 7.2…. So if you’ve seen and enjoyed Unbreakable and Split…. Go see it matinee…. You’ll enjoy this movie but be left wanting more… If you haven’t seen the others… Go watch them and then take your time to see this movie on a rental or Netflix or if it’s still in the theaters go see it. This seemed like a set up movie for M. Night to create new characters to bring to the screen… Either way James McCavoy did really well again in this and the twist is solid”

Miss Bala: “….7.5….pleasantly surprised by this one… catch the matinee… NOW THERE ARE SOME OBVIOUS STORY HOLES AND BAD ACTING… BUTTTT… very suspenseful at times, some good execution of plot…… a solid attempt of a nicer version of female Sicario lol… disclaimer… i saw this for free and wasn’t planning on seeing this movie without this pass i got LOL”

What Men Want: “…. 7.9… Nothing new BUT actually pretty darn funny… Caught myself actually lol-ing a couple times… Storyline feels typical but the ride felt worth it…. My people… Go see it … Date night folks… I’d say for sure… Comedy fans… You’ll enjoy the crass humor… Overall, go see it very entertaining”

How to Train Your Dragon 3: “…. 7.6 for fans of the series… 7.9… for family friendly goers especially with pre-teens transitioning to teens… everyone else………. 7.1. Honestly, the movie was a nice watch and had all the classic points from the first two movies… it is very enjoyable and has a couple gooooood laughs in it as well as a good close to the series BUT… they didn’t even try with the plot this time which was quite sad compared to the first two movies. Long story short… fans… of the series… go see it to close it out… (do not sit in the first row and maybe even consider Imax if you get a discount)… Everyone else… netflix waiter to matinee if your bored and had time to see the other two. Sidenote: you don’t have to see the first two movies to like this movie BUTTTT it would be way better to actual care about the character development in the movie if you see 1 & 2 first.”

Alita: Battle Angel: “…. I’m going to try to not be mean…. coming in with the lowest expectations and a $4 movie ticket from T-mobile… this movie was extra TRASH… 6.2….the movie being poorly executed, boring when not fighting, bad disjointed obvious storylines didn’t even disappoint me as much as Christoph Waltz being a part of this movie… I’m so disappointed in him… not because his acting was average but because he signed on to this trash movie!!!! ok… honestly… watch it on tv or netflix… at best case you you find a $1 on the floor and you see it at redbox… at least you didnt waste your own dollar. The action is pretty solid.”

Booksmart: What is there to say about Booksmart? Long story short, you’ve already seen this movie before many times. This is a mixture of every high school movie where the main characters are trying to conquer school, their fears about moving on in their finals days, and trying to finally be cool. This a version of Superbad (journey to a 1st party), with Project X (characters/activities), and minorly Mean Girls, except not as funny. I don’t feel like the movie producers even tried with this movie, if I’m being honest. I think they said let’s just make a typical teen going to their first party movie with young comedic actresses. Anything you think will happen in this movie happens, which is disappointing. This movie takes a very long time to get going for a comedy, jokes falling flat. Now on a positive note, there are a couple good chuckles in this movie. And a few of the side characters, provided better laughs than the man characters. However; I do think Kaitlyn Dever (the new Ellen Page) and Beanie Feldstein (female Jonah Hill, literally aka his sister) put in solid work with this average movie. I saw this for free and that’s the only way I would watch this movie. This would’ve been a solid straight to Netflix movie but it isn’t worth watching in the theater. Watch relaxing on your couch at home and have a couple chuckles and some dipped strawberries.

Booksmart: Netflix only