Getting Old But Still Bad Boys For Life

The Stream: Some comedy falls flat and parts of the movie seem rushed

The Big Screen: Typical great action sequences and comedy

The Final Bill: The worst of the three Bad Boys series but very enjoyable.

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Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton, Alexander Ludwig, Kate del Castillo, Paola Nunez, Nicky Jam
Rating: R (language and violence)
Genre: Action, Comedy
Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes (stay for the early credits scenes)
Movie trailers: A Quiet Place: Part 2, The Gentlemen, Free Guy, No Time To Die, The Invisible Man, Birds of Prey, Bloodshot, Morbius

We ride together. We review together. Stream to Big Screen for life. Welcome back to Stream to big Screen. This week we have the chance to review the long awaited third installment of the Bad Boys movie franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They reprise their roles as Detectives “trigger/bulletproof” Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. It’s been 17 years since Bad Boys 2, but these two still know how to tear up Miami. This time they incorporate the help of a new department of the Miami PD, AMMO to make this happen. Let’s see if Bad Boys For Life can live up to its predecessors.

Good news or bad news…. bad news first of course. Martin and Will are old. This seems like an obvious statement but at times it jumped off the screen. Martin looks fat, clearly can’t do action scenes anymore, and even his signature voice suffers. Age hasn’t seemed to have affected Will as much, but he’s definitely slowed down. The good news is that the director made this work in their favor. They embrace these actors’ lack of vigor and infused a new cast to assist. And boy do they get busy. In fact, I think this movie will do so well that the 4th installment is a foregone conclusion.

Now, speaking of age, this movie has its walk down memory lane, but it isn’t full consumed by it. While homage is paid with old jokes and cast, the director found a way to bring the movie into the present. Thankfully, Bad Boys for Life isn’t simply a nostalgia money grab movie. This movie plays well as a third installment to what could be a continuing series, if they wanted.

My only issues with Bad Boys For Life comes with the pacing and some jokes that absolutely flop. This movie starts off too slow and in the end it feels rushed; but then there are points in the middle that seem to linger a bit too long. This is clearly something a viewer can get passed but in these lingering moments it comes with some jokes that do not land. Don’t get me wrong, the cast has some very strong moments of comedy and comic relief, but a few times the jokes missed the mark…. hard. Otherwise, the movie was jammed packed with laughs, action and quality fight scenes.

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So what can we say – you know what you’re going to get from our leading duo. Great chemistry, laughs, and action lead viewers to the theaters as usual. Even though they may be getting older and rounder Will and Martin still have some gold left in them and the new cast members help bring the series into the future. Grab a bowl of popcorn, go to a matinee showing and enjoy the ride.


*sings poorly* Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna doooooooo…..