Bloodshot Is Less Than Diesel

The Stream: Slow-burn, unoriginal and predictable movie

The Big Screen: Eiza is worth your time and the action in general.

The Final Bill: Predictable but good action sequences save the movie from being boring.

-S2S: Movie Review
Director: Dave Wilson
Writers: Jeff Wadlow (screenplay by), Eric Heisserer (screenplay by) | 4 more credits »
Stars: Vin DieselEiza GonzálezLamorne Morris, Guy Pearce |
Rating: PG-13 
Runtime: 1hour 49 minutes 
Genre: ActionDramaSci-Fi 
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I’d like to start with… YOU ALL BETTER APPRECIATE ME RISKING LIFE AND LIMB TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! The CoVid-19 is upon us and we should all wish we had nanotech inside of us to get rid of the virus. Needless to say, you’re here for a review of Bloodshot and not more coronavirus warnings. Bloodshot features, the one, Vin Diesel as a top secret ops solider that was slain and re-animated by a company for their long awaited super soldier tech experiment. Sounds all too familiar in the world of comics. Vin stars alongside Eiza Gonzalez, as K.T., Guy Pearce, as Dr. Harting, and Lamorne Morris, as Wigans.

Let’s get this out of the way. No, the story isn’t creative, profound or that interesting. BUT if you were going to the movie because of that, you must be sick with the Rona anyway. I think, however, should this movie make money through the pandemic, we definitely could see a sequel. The important and worth-seeing part of this movie is the technology and the action. First, this movie looks very good. The changing of scenes, brightness etc are so crisp. The nano-tech at times looks basic and almost too similar to another movie’s bots. Second, the action sequences, even though I wanted a few more or longer sections in the first half of the movie, are all very cool. Vin, Eiza and others all have at least one awe-inspiring fight sequence worth watching. If anything towards the end of the movie, the CGI begins to fall apart and look too much like a video game compared to the previous scenes. On top of that, the final action scene is way more anti-climatic and underwhelming than built up to be.

Speaking of Eiza, she really jumps off the screen. She presents a great mix of beauty and beast throughout the movie. In fact, her action sequences, to me, overshadowed Vin’s best action sequences. In fact, Lamorne also steals the show from Vin. Lamorne’s character, while a bit annoying and stereotypical hacker, was quite entertaining. Now that I think about it, every other character and actor displayed either more interesting, more authentic, or more dynamic acting ability than Vin. Vin is good at giving us Dom but he gave us robo-Dom in this movie and that’s just not enough.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

Ultimately, Bloodshot is a dud of a movie but solid entertainment. As an introduction to a “hero”, I’d honestly give the second movie a better shot at being much better than the first. For those of you that only care about the action, check this out in a matinee and you’ll be fulfilled. Everyone else, this is one of those single popped popcorn kernel movies that you may enjoy on FX on a boring Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

P.P. should you choose to go to the movie. Be safe. Wipe down your seat/arm rest/reclining buttons, if the the theater is empty choose to sit behind other movie goers or at least do not sit directly next to anyone. Choose movie times not in the primetime and finally wash your hands going in and out of the movie.