A Refined Vintage For Uncorked

The Stream: Predictable storyline and twists

The Big Screen: Authentic, real, funny and a bit inspiring

The Final Bill: An authentic view of young adult life vs. the pressures of tradition and obligation.

-S2S: Movie Review
Director: Prentice Penny
Writer: Prentice Penny
Stars: Courtney B. VanceLashun PollardMichael Mobley, Niecy Nash, Mamoudou Athie
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 38 minutes

Stuck at home?… yeah so are all of us. Join the club! No seriously, stay home and stay safe but while you’re at it, watch the endless supply of streaming movies and tv shows. This weekend we were able to watch one of Netflix’s current top 10, Uncorked. This film, which was produced by Netflix, tells the story of a young man, Elijah played by Mamoudou Athie, who is trying to balance family obligation and individual aspiration. Elijah wants to become a Master Sommelier while also fulfilling his duty of keeping up the family BBQ business. With that summary, let’s get to the good and bad about Uncorked.

Let’s start with the bad because there isn’t much of it. The overall topic in itself is a bit pretentious, but it’s also super millennial. The only true downfall to this movie was the choreographed and predictable storyline. Every major moment of the movie felt like a 90’s sitcom episode. The Family Matters playbook was dusted off and this movie team followed it to a “t”. Other than that, Athie’s voice takes a bit to get used to and his friends are okay at best.

If you can get passed knowing what’s coming in the storyline, the movie is quite enjoyable. Knowing what’s about to happen didn’t ruin the viewing experience at all because the main cast was so good. Athie, Niecy Nash, and Courtney B. Vance truly put on some great performances. Athie’s character was relatable to his generation and hopefully can be inspiring to those who watch and are experiencing similar struggles finding their path. Nash and Vance, as Elijah’s mother and father, display some truly heartfelt performances while still providing authentic comedic elements to the film. There was tons of on-screen chemistry for the big three, but I’ll give a credit to the writing as well. There was a combination of good performances, writing and music that make this movie enjoyable. OH yes and don’t forget, the silent star of the movie, THE SOUNDTRACK. Get your Shazam ready because I promise this movie will have you bouncing (particularly if you are a fan of Hip-Hop and R&B).

S2S: Official Rating Scale

You’ve probably guessed it by now, but Uncorked is definitely a movie people will enjoy over this Coronavirus break forced upon us. Between the inspiring yet predictable tale of family obligation versus individual aspiration, the many laughs throughout and the bumping soundtrack, Uncorked is a big box of popcorn waiting to happen. This movie could’ve come out in theaters but lucky for us, at this time is just streaming gold.

P.S. the friends in the movie are a little annoying… you are warned.