By Duress Only

The Stream: Boring and Stupid

The Big Screen: Well shot and edited.

The Final Bill: Artful movie that lacks originality and sense.

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Director: Takashi Doscher
Writer: Takashi Doscher
Stars: Freida PintoLeslie Odom Jr.Chandler Riggs | See full cast & crew »
Genre: DramaRomanceSci-Fi
Rating: TV-MA
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Platform: Netflix

Hey Streamers, I got tricked into watching this title, but then I thought I might as well do a review. This past weekend I was able to watch, Only. The premise of the movie is that there was a weird asteroid occurrence in the atmosphere that created a strange ash storm. People were getting sick from it and dying. We watch as a couple, Eva, played by Freida Pinto and Will, played by Leslie Odom Jr., try to survive in this new world and an under this threat to their health. Let’s see what they gave us.

First, this movie is too close to our current reality – minus the ash storm from a strange space asteroid or meteor. The 2020 viewer understands the full on pandemic vibes from the story. Other than having that tangible connection to the film, I have nothing for you.

There isn’t even much I can say about this one. Fine. I’ll try. We can relate to this story of loved ones contained in an area and trying to get used to the new normal. How long will this new normal be acceptable, what will get us sick and what won’t, and how will we be able to connect to our friends and family. Yes, yes, I get it and, in fact, if this pandemic didn’t occur, this movie could be even worse! Thanks Covid19… I guess. I feel like Children of Men told a story in a world like this and already crushed it. This movie pales in comparison. The writing, cinematography, creativity, connection to the characters, and acting all fall short. A total swing and a miss by Only. That’s not to say Odom Jr. and Pinto failed. They actually do a pretty solid job acting but not good enough to save this movie. Aside from their acting, the storyline just had them and others doing unrealistic and dare I say “stupid” things throughout the movie. Maybe if the writing was more poignant, I’d feel differently; however, viewers are left cringing during scenes that never would occur if the characters were in the real world and in the same situations.

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Frankly, Only was boring and I feel tricked by those who even put it on my radar. Odom Jr. and Pinto try their darnedest to save this concept, but their best isn’t good enough. Stream this movie under duress or as a last option just to pass the time.