Sonic Boom-ing Family Film

The Stream: Slightly annoying and feels longer than it really is

The Big Screen: Family fun and Sonic nostalgia to the max

The Final Bill: Very good family flick that has annoyingly cute moments

-S2S: Movie Review
Director: Jeff Fowler
Writers: Pat CaseyJosh Miller
Stars: Ben SchwartzJames MarsdenJim Carrey | See full cast & crew 
Rating: PG
Genre: ActionAdventureComedy
Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes

SEGA!!!!! Oh, how that brings back memories of good times and tons of frustration. No one could’ve been more frustrated than I after seeing the first version of the live Sonic. Speaking of Sonic, I was able to watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie from this year. I’ve heard only good things about this video game/cartoon brought to life, so I wanted to check it out for myself. And, check it out I did.

First edit/ Film version

Like the pic above, Sonic provides a tale of two stories… the bad and the good. The bad is limited but still there. Sonic can be over the top and annoying at times. In fact, all of the cast can be annoying at times. The other issue is that the film while short, still feels like it drags. Sonic could’ve easily been 20 minutes shorter or they could’ve filled the movie with more impactful scenes. Ok, I’m done with the bad stuff.

What’s good about Sonic is that some of those annoying moments are still quite cute. It’s as if your little 5-10 year-old relative is trying to impress you for an hour. It’s annoying and time consuming, but deep down you want to laugh at their antics. The movie is the same. No matter how hard I tried to not enjoy the predictable ending I saw coming, I couldn’t hold back a smile. Sonic is predictable and still so amusing. Better yet, so darn cute.

On top of the very good job I believe they did in writing the storyline, regardless of how predictable and cliched it might have been, the actors were still the stars of the film. Jim Carrey was his typical self – over-the-top and hilarious. James Marsden was solid at being that small town sheriff and Sonic’s accomplice. And, Ben Schwartz, as Sonic, did as well as any voice actor could trying to fill the big shoes of the true Sonic voice actor. What helped them all was the writing. Quick witted, quirky, and contemporary Sonic hits hard even in its over-the-top moments.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

With that said, Sonic the Hedgehog while cut short in the theaters by Covid-19, I think it should thrive on streaming services. This family film and favorite video game of mine was cute to the max; and, I know families with children will enjoy. Everyone else, especially those who played the game and have younger nieces/nephews/godchildren, you’ll enjoy this streaming gold as if you’re hanging out with one of them. Easily a matinee view in the theater is definitely one you could rent at the Redbox. Big box or bowl enjoy this fresh popcorn.

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