The Bronx Will Not Be Gentrified, Vampires

The Stream: A little bit corny and predictable storyline

The Big Screen: A fun cast full of new diverse faces while keeping the spirit of the Bronx

The Final Bill: A fun horror comedy that spotlights on the Bronx

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Director: Osmany Rodriguez (as Oz Rodriguez)
Writers: Osmany Rodriguez (story by) (as Oz Rodriguez), Blaise Hemingway (screenplay by)
Stars: Jaden MichaelGerald Jones IIIGregory Diaz IV | See full cast & crew Â»
Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes
Genre: ComedyHorror 
Rating: PG-13 (a little language and violence)
Platform: Netflix (Oct. 2)

What’s good, Stream to Big Screeners? It’s getting brick outside. The sun is going down mad early and we’re stuck inside with rising corona rates across the country. That’s the perfect recipe for turning on Netflix for some fresh content. Since it’s now October, it’s time for Halloween film season. We’ll start this season off with something light, Vampires vs. The Bronx. This Netflix original movie is about a group of teens trying to save their favorite bodega in the Bronx, but a group of outsiders have come to take over the Bronx, literally trying to suck the life out of the community and the people. These teens notice a new developer in the area and decide to check them out. Let’s see what happens in the barrio.

First, this movie is so the Bronx, and NYC. You have to love it if you are from NYC. As a person who works in the Bronx, I appreciate someone making a film that features one of the most underserved and disrespected counties in America. Not only did the director do a great job capturing exactly what’s going on in the Bronx currently with gentrification but he also captured the people. Yes, the streets would never be this empty or quiet but you understand what he’s going for. Other than just the feel of the movie, the director and actors captured what it is to be a teen in NYC, contending with the pressures of the neighborhood, school, family, friends, and general societal and grappling with cultural relevance. Any movie that can make you feel like you’re a part of the crew, has done something right. I found that the ensemble as a whole was well constructed. The cast is diverse and representative of the Bronx. I have a lot of appreciation for that. Of course, by diverse I mean that in the sense of both culturally and in the sense of seniority. I enjoyed that this film had fresh faces and some old timers. I’m looking at you Method Man and Zoe Saldana. No one person truly stood out as amazing, but I’m glad they let a new set of young actors lead the way while supporting them with stars from the tri-state area. Yes, the film is predictable and a bit corny with the outcast kid group go on an adventure but HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THAT IN THE BRONX! I haven’t. So, I’m all for it. I came to see some vampires and get a few chuckles. I got that.

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Needless to say the movie isn’t perfect but it feels good. We all can stand to feel good especially in these times. Vampires vs. the Bronx captures the spirit of the Bronx, and NYC. There’s just enough horror and comedy to make this a nice watch. For all you New Yorkers, transplants, gentrifiers and the rest, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy this movie to begin your Halloween season.