Evil Eye? More Like Dreamy Eyes.

The Stream: Boring.

The Big Screen: Awesome scenery and cast are pretty solid.

The Final Bill: A thriller without thrills is meaningless.

-S2S: Movie Review
Directors: Elan DassaniRajeev Dassani
Writer: Madhuri Shekar
Stars: Sarita ChoudhurySunita ManiBernard White | See full cast & crew »
Production: Amazon Studios, Blumhouse Productions See more »
Genre: HorrorMysteryThriller
Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes
Rating: Not rated yet
Platform: Amazon Prime (October 13th)
“Welcome to the Blumhouse” Anthology: Nocturne, Black Box, The Lie, (4 more to come)

As Horror Movie season continues to push on, we too continue to watch the latest in horror streaming options. This week we were able to get a preview of Evil Eye. This Blumhouse and Amazon production will be released on Prime Video on October 13th. Evil Eye is part of the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” anthology of Blumhouse and Amazon creations released throughout October. In this horror/thriller/mystery, a devoted and superstitious mother pressures her daughter into marriage, but she is convinced the man her daughter chooses is a reincarnated soul from the mother’s past. Eerie, right?! Let’s see what this film has for us.

I’m going to be blunt. Sima Taparia would be proud and disturbed by this film. Everyone else will be bored. This movie moves so slowly, and it’s only an hour and a half long. Viewers will be begging for something to happen. Yes, the romantics out there will want to be swept off their feet and may swoon because of the charm of the antagonist, Omar Maskati as Sandeep. I’ll admit my guy was a baller, but, boy, did he move way too fast as well, except in the crazy behavior we came to see. This is primetime horror movie season and people do not have time to waste to not be scared. I could watch Hocus Pocus for all of that (an all-time great movie). And Sunita Mani, open your eyes, girl! Her character, Pallavi, was beautiful and desperate, which both came across the screen clearly. The true star of the movie, Sarita Choudhury, gave us the perfect imitation of a mother on Indian Matchmaking. Y’all know which one I’m talking about. I know y’all binged it during the pandemic. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE THRILLS. THERE WERE NO THRILLS. IS THAT NOT WHY WE ARE HERE?! Thrill are what we came for and this movie falls short. We got 3 minutes of thrills out of 85. That is not enough. We got 98% Lifetime movie and 2% Blumhouse thriller. Blumhouse has creativity for sure but often I find their films lack in execution. Evil Eye is no different. This film especially failed in using the New Orleans setting to its advantage. It’s the most haunted, creepy, and beautiful cities in America and yet we got no connection to it.

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In conclusion, Evil Eye is a thriller without thrills which means it’s meaningless. While the story and concept could be interesting, the execution and direction were lacking. The movie is fine and boring. Nothing to write home about or go to New Orleans for. Grab one kernel of popped corn to get you through this Blumhouse Lifetime Movie.