Fatale: A Woman Scorned Will Never Let You Live!

The Stream: Slightly a slow burn and slow to resolution

The Big Screen: Predictably unpredictable with a banging soundtrack and sound editing.

The Final Bill: Great soundtrack with epic sound mixing that keeps the heart pounding in this thriller

– S2S: Movie Review
Director: Deon Taylor
Writers: David Loughery
Stars: Hilary SwankMichael EalyMike Colter | See full cast & crew »
Genre: Thriller
Rating: R (violence, sexual content and language)
Runtime: 1 hour and 37 minutes
Platform: Released December 18 in theaters but on all streaming services for rent

Welcome back to Stream to Big Screen. This week we finally got to watch a movie that was released in theaters but just made it to streaming services for rent, Fatale. Again, I love a good bad movie. The trailer (featured below) makes me think this will be in that category, but a theater release and a star cast could mean otherwise. Let’s see what the verdict will be for this streaming rental.

Official Trailer

Let’s talk about this soundtrack. These tracks are for the grown and sexy but also those who want to turn up. They knew what they were doing trying to set the mood in this one. The plot and storyline is something we already know. The trailer shows us everything we need to know. Dude cheats on lovely wife because of trouble in the marriage, chick he cheated with is crazy, always around and let the hijinks ensue. This is a typical idea. An idea people will say they have already seen before and while I agree on first glance, don’t trust it! This movie definitely throws a wrench in that plan which makes it interesting and predictable but still good. And quiet as it’s kept, it’s predictably unpredictable to an enjoyable degree. The icing on the cake is that this movie has the best is the sound effects. Angst, anxiety, eeriness, fury and worry are all built very well by the sound effects and score. So from being caught off guard a bit and the radiating sounds to get my heart racing, the viewer is engrossed in the film.

Now, let’s get to the cast. Michael Ealy, why do you look like a skeleton? You alright, fam? And another thing, stop taking these roles man! Not because you do a bad job but because you make it just a little too believable. I was like, “oh my man from Jacob’s Ladder finally turned his life around and now he’s got this crazy lady after him.” It’s hot in here isn’t it? That line struck out twice now. Next, Luke Cage got another job, legho! But why were you wearing that pre-tied bowtie at the bachelor party… you look like a 3 year old in his first suit. C’mon, my G! Yet, otherwise you were pretty swaggy, a bad friend and minimal to the story but swaggy. Also, I will put this next part as nicely as possible. If I go to any club in Las Vegas single, married, or separated, ain’t nobody trying to go after Hilary Swank’s regular haggy old tail! No offense, million dollar baby. You still look alright for your age but J.LO at 50+ is still running laps around you. But I digress. Swank does go from cop to regular psycho chick to cop really easily. Needless to say, you did your crazy/I’m above the law/entitled white woman thing during this movie pretty well. Nevertheless, I’d still prefer you taking it up just a notch or two. I know you have a next crazy gear in you.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

Long story short, Fatale is a surprise in our pandemic cinema world. The movie itself is not the cream of the crop, but the product we were given delivers the thriller entertainment. The cast does well and the soundtrack and sound editing does even better. For those of you with an open theater, this is a matinee film at best but this is is streaming gold for those who may rent it. Fatale is not worth $19.99 but when the prices come down for rentals next month or when it’s free on streaming services in a few more months, you’ll definitely enjoy this thriller.