Godzilla vs. Kong more like Kong Sappy Hour

The Stream: Too much talking and plot development

The Big Screen: Big action, big destruction

The Final Bill: Two epic monsters battle for the safety of humanity while humans yip yap in the background

– S2S: Movie Review
Director: Adam Wingard
Writers: Eric Pearson (screenplay by), Max Borenstein (screenplay by) | 3 more credits »
Stars: Alexander SkarsgårdMillie Bobby BrownRebecca Hall | See full cast & crew »
Genre: ActionSci-FiThriller
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hour 45 minutes
Platform: HBO Max and Theater release March 31, 2021

*Jungle drums* Welcome back to Stream to Big Screen! This week we have an ultimate battle to detail. We finally have the release of Godzilla vs. Kong. The rumble in the jungle or more like rumble in the major city and water scenes. Massive destruction and the most epic monsters of the last century finally meet in this century. You must be able to tell my excitement or utter boredom to watch a movie released on a Wednesday; yet, here we are talking about Godzilla vs. Kong. It’s the historic next chapter of two icons meeting to balance the Earth’s scales while also destroying most things humanity has built. Let’s see if it was worth the wait.

First, there is way too much talking in this movie. We all know what we came to see! Godzilla! Run, run, run! Oh no, it’s King Kong! Save the woman he holds in his hands! Yet, the filmmakers again found it necessary to just talk talk talk talk talk talk. You have gigantic CGI Monsters to entertain us! Quit with the scenes of Eleven or the cute deaf child and mom and give us the epic fights we deserve. No actor in this movie is bad, but they also aren’t memorable in the slightest. The only thing I remember is that they are holding us back from – just like I’m holding this review back to talk about nonsense – the major event Kong vs. Godzilla.

The two heroes are one word… impressive. The scenery – impressive. It feels a bit “borrowed” from Avatar but impressive nonetheless. I mean there’s the total and absolute destruction of Hong Kong. I didn’t realize the city was that large but who cares. I mean probably hundreds of thousands of people died in these battles but who’s keeping track. I know the filmmakers aren’t. They went full on DC Movies with the destruction in this one. Yes, it makes for an entertaining movie, except we could’ve stood even more battle scenes and less watch Kong run scenes. This movie was more like a King Kong therapy session rather than a battle for Earth at times. Also, I wish they featured Godzilla a bit more. Yes, we’ve seen his movies to sleep, but he is a star of the movie… treat him like one.

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Long story short, you know what you’re coming for. Don’t get brand new out here and I might not even suggest risking your life in the theaters. Action and Monster fans you’ll find this worth a big box but everyone else you’ll definitely get a big bowl of entertainment, especially watching on HBO Max, out of this movie. Whether you’re a King Kong fan or a Godzilla fan you’ll enjoy… once they shut up and stop talking us through the plot.