Let’s Try to be as Noisy as Possible in A Quiet Place Part II

The Stream: Drags on a bit for nothing new to occur

The Big Screen: Full of anxiety and alien chases

The Final Bill: A perfect streaming flick but could’ve just been part of A Quiet Place

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Director: John Krasinski
Writers: John KrasinskiScott Beck (characters) | 1 more credit
Stars: Emily BluntMillicent SimmondsCillian Murphy | See full cast & crew »
Genre: DramaHorrorSci-Fi 
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes
Production Companies: Buffalo FilmWorks, Paramount Pictures, Platinum DunesSee more
Release: May 28, 2021 in theaters
Notable Trailers: Top Gun: Maverick and Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe Orgins)

*shhhhhhhhh* This is a quiet place to enjoy a movie review. *Yelling* But that’s not really our style here at Stream To Big Screen is it?! *Normal tone* Well, this week we were able to watch the long awaited A Quiet Place Part II. Let’s just remind you of our movie review archive page and our review of Part I that occurred on Facebook. A Quiet Place: “…. Wait for tv/netflix… 6.” Simple and straight to the point. Let’s see what Part II has for us.

Just a reminder from A Quiet Place, this movie is about a family trying to survive in a world infested with aliens that find people through their extreme eardrums – I mean, their enhanced aural capabilities. Thus, the world has become a quiet place where any sound could get you killed. If you haven’t seen the first part, I’d recommend watching it before checking this flick out. Do you need to? I actually don’t think so and, in fact, that’s probably my biggest knock to Part II. Question… why didn’t they just live by the waterfall again? Oh that makes too much sense? Nevermind and I digress.

Let’s fast forward to Part II where the movie starts with how it all began, which is something we didn’t see in the first part. Then, we speed to where the first part left off and it’s like why the heck didn’t we just make the first part a little bit longer of a movie and combine to the two films. The first film lasted about 1 hour and 25 minutes. This movie ran for 1 hour and 28 minutes. WHY IN THE WORLD DID JOHN KRASINSKI NOT JUST COMBINE THESE TWO MOVIES?! Yes, the movie would’ve be about 2 hours and 15 to 27 minutes with edits, but it would’ve been one complete film. That just would have made more sense. Instead, it seems like these production companies went for the easy money grab and split the film into two. “Jim Halpert” was like let me get my wife paid again for this role and I’m not mad at it. After watching Part II, I couldn’t help but say combining this with the first part just makes for a better and more complete movie. I feel Part II is too long for a short movie and that’s no bueno. I’m not even saying it’s bad. It just drags on and could be wrapped up nice and tight like a formulaic “Law and Order: SVU” episode. You know exactly how this movie is going to go from the trailer and that’s the next disappointing part of the movie. Nothing unexpected occurs. Not a single thing. “Jim” literally took the dystopian, zombie world, alien we-need-to-find-an-answer-to-fight-back playbook and put it in here. I knew I shouldn’t have expected much from watching the first flick but finally being able to go back to theaters to watch movies has me hopeful. I shouldn’t have been. Just like the first part, the movie was extremely quiet and anxiety filled. The commercial and trailer make the movie feel way more intense than it really is. As tense as this movie is, the lack of sound actually makes the film also very peaceful to watch. It’s a strange combination for a “horror/drama”. Overall the cast as a whole does a solid job, but there really isn’t much to do being quiet. I feel their pain, especially my guy Noah Jupe, as Marcus Abbott. It’s just not enough.

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A Quiet Place Part II is just like the first one, a perfect streaming film. I’m surprised this movie didn’t premiere on Paramount+ because it would’ve fit perfectly after streaming the first part right before – and they could get more subscribers. Part II is quiet and full of anxiety but drags on and should’ve just been combined with the first film. Nothing of note really occurs in this movie to wow a viewer or make them flock to the theater. A Quiet Place Part II just like the first is a handful of popcorn, perfect for streaming. If you want to get out and support the movie theaters, like I do, or really enjoyed Part I, check this out in the matinee hours ONLY.