Senior Year Was Awkward at Best

The Stream: Some comedy falls flat and a bit boring

The Big Screen: A couple good laughs and cheer routines

The Final Bill: Rebel and this preachy movie try hard to make you laugh, but it’s spotty at best

– S2S: Movie Review
Director: Alex Hardcastle
Writers: Andrew Knauer (screenplay by), Arthur Pielli (screenplay by), Brandon Scott Jones (screenplay by)
Stars: Rebel Wilson, Angourie Rice, Mary Holland
Genre: Comedy, Drama?
Rating: R (language, sexually suggestive)
Runtime: 1 hour 46 minutes
Production Companies: Broken Road Productions, CBS Films, Paramount Pictures
Platform: Netflix released May 13, 2022

On a sleepy weekend for movie releases in May, we found ourselves in the throes of streaming purgatory. While in purgatory, of course, you want to get a good laugh in while you wait, am I right? So, what do we do streamers? We turn on good ole Netflix and see what they have for us. Senior Year was released on Netflix this weekend – a movie starring new and “improved” Rebel Wilson. Senior Year is about a young lady in 2002 who wasn’t popular but set her mind to being the most popular in high school. Days before prom and her dream of being prom queen is accomplished, she wakes up 20 years later in a hospital. Time to head back to high school. Let’s see what’s worth your time about this one.

It’s movies like this where I can’t tell if you’re saying the 90s were better, or crueler, or are you saying this generation is lamer, softer but still cruel. I think this movie falls more on the 90s was harsh, but today’s teens could learn something from us. That’s what I’m settling on for this movie. This theme is central to whether this movie is good commentary or not. Otherwise, this movie is just a regular 13 Going on 30, Freaky Friday, and Big mash up with some crass one liners.

Lord knows I praise Rebel for putting in the work to better herself; but, at times in this movie, her face just looks way older than 37. I’m surprised there weren’t really very many old jokes in this movie. It was low hanging fruit, I know; but, damn, Rebel looks out of place. Outside of that, she felt a bit less energetic than the Rebel we’re used, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I felt the writing hit sometimes but more than not felt lackluster. In fact, it seems like they maybe went a bit too trendy with their jokes. The jokes were either too cliche and overused; and, in the case of the present time, the jokes were merely humorous but not actually funny. The classic “lol” but you know the person actually isn’t laughing out loud where they are.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

Senior Year is the prototypical streaming or straight to DVD movie. It’s a semi-novel idea that’s been done before. There are some laughs about the past and giggles about the present. All of which leads to a forgettable viewing experience. If you’re bored and want to relive the 90s with Rebel Wilson, check out Senior Year with a handful of popcorn.