The Day Shift Got Themselves Into A Bloody Pickle

The Stream: A bit too predictable

The Big Screen: Good action sequences and humor

The Final Bill: A predictable vampire hunter flick full of action and giggles

– S2S: Movie Review
Director: J.J. Perry
Writers: Tyler Tice (screenplay by), Shay Hatten (screenplay by)
Stars: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: R
Runtime: 1 hour 44 minutes
Production Companies: Impossible Dream Entertainment, 87Eleven Entertainment
Platform: Netflix released August 12, 2022
Coming Soon to Netflix: The Curse of Bridge Hollow, The Munsters, Love in the Villa, DO REVENGE, A Jazzman’s Blues, Lou, End of the Road 

What’s up Streamers! This week we were able to watch the new Netflix release Day Shift… during the night shift. Day Shift stars Jamie Foxx as a hard-working father who just wants to provide a good life for his young daughter and ex-wife by any means necessary. Fortunately for him, his mundane pool cleaning job is a front for his real career: hunting and killing vampires. The bloodsuckers keep Jamie quite busy; but will it be enough to keep his daughter alive and in California? Check out the film and see.

I’ll say this, the writers tried to make something creative and I appreciate that. Unfortunately, their creativity was limited because the story is literally just a mash up of a vampire hunter and a story about a dad trying to keep his kid from moving away. We’ve literally seen both of these movies, but now we get to see it together. It’s not a horrible idea but not very riveting either. Now, the movie does succeed with a couple great fight sequences. There’s a scene with The Nazarin Brothers, who were beasts, and it’s definitely worth watching the movie for that. However, the movie isn’t just about them so we really only get to see one scene of their family dynamics and ass-kickery. Jamie has a couple of solid action scenes but they’re really just okay. Jamie and Dave Franco have a somewhat nice rapport in their scenes together. Some of it feels a bit forced by Franco’s character but the banter, they’re polar opposite relationship, and Foxx’s charisma make the relationship between Foxx and Franco really fun. Then, you have Meagan Good who really isn’t utilized much more than as eye candy. For some reason, there is also Snoop Dogg, who feels like the most out of place character in 2022 cinema. Very random.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

Well, Streamers, we were given a predictable movie but also a movie packed with action and entertainment. I think that’s actually what Streaming Gold is. Day Shift gives you a story that you pretty much know what’s coming without thinking but still keeps you invested throughout with the violence andhumor. Grab a big box of popcorn and switch over to Netflix for a rootin, tootin, and shootin good of a time.