Shazam! the better Captain Marvel?

This week we have Shazam! DC Movies tries it’s hand again at another standalone feature hero film. And I bet you’re wondering how they will fare this time. Well luckily for you, I obliged by seeing this movie 2 weeks prior to its opening. DC definitely took a risk with David F. Sandberg, known for movies Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation, as the director for this movie. But it seems that DC is committed to him as there are rumors of a sequel. Based on the visuals of Shazam, this may be a good move. Also, for once the trailers didn’t give away the whole movie. Either way, here we go.

Shazam! lends itself to being DC’s version of a teen-friendly version of Marvel’s Deadpool, minus breaking the 4th wall. DC has worked on providing viewers with a second version of what Marvel already created in their universe by giving a separate genre within the superhero movie category, a family teen comedy superhero origin story. This film is starkly different from every other DC superhero movie that has come out recently. Will this movie be heralded like Wonder Woman?… NO. But they are targeting completely different audiences. Is this movie as good as Wonder Woman?… Yes, as the end result is as pleasing.

Let’s start by saying this is a typical origin film for a superhero. You will take a ride with Billy Batson and the main villain, albeit a ride that is about 15 minutes too long. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the rollercoaster as it hits its peaks and valleys. There is strong comedic dialogue in this movie that will remind you of your childhood and family. With that said, I would’ve enjoyed this movie a little bit more with better demonstration of powers by both the villain and Captain Marvel. This is something that DC has struggled with in many of their films. Nevertheless Shazam! is a slow burn, but if you give it a chance by the end of movie I know you’ll be entertained and invested in the family.

S2S Rating Scale

With that said, gather the troops and head to the theater for this DC superhero movie. Of course, hit the matinee, if possible, but if you’re taking the kids you won’t be disappointed with your nighttime price.