US” against us

“Us” by Jordan Peele, the once comedian and actor transitioned to innovative/revolutionary horror/suspense movie creator. Much acclaim could be given to this movie but I expect some will be taken away from the brilliance of this film purely based on comparison to his first film “Get Out”.

Nevertheless, this film gives you exactly what you want in a horror film. It has you watching behind your back, looking around the corner, and looking in the mirror differently. On a completely different spectrum, this film is capable of inspiring dialogue and discussion among friends, family, co-workers and allows you to share some laughs. Peele has struck gold again with this film in the way he’s played into people’s conscious and subconscious fears and the actual reality we live. Peele also found a way to tie biblical context to current reality seamlessly, further adding to the quality of this film. All of the above makes this a well-rounded film.

Now this film isn’t perfect by any stretch. If I have to nitpick, there is some predictability. Also the explanation in the ending, even for a fantasy movie, is unrealistic. It leaves you saying, “huh?” and “how’d they do that again?”. But all in all, that doesn’t make me tell a person to not see this movie in the theater. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie gets some Oscar chatter, especially if it can gain a following similar to “Get Out”.

S2S Rating Scale

Either way, go see this in the theater and I’d even say get yourself some popcorn to smack on to ease the suspense he leaves you in.