Avengers:Endgame historic performance

Runtime: 2 hours 51 minutes, NO POST CREDIT SCENE

Let’s get this out of the way…

This movie deserves 3 buckets of popcorn. An end of an era in Marvel Movies but worth seeing a couple times on the big screen and purchasing the dvd or digital copy.

This review was never about whether one should see this movie or how much money to spend. Standard, 3D, IMAX, or 4D, no matter how you see this movie it will be worth the money, regardless of whether you are a true fan or from the general population. This was further confirmed when all movie tickets were sold out 3 weeks prior to the opening weekend. But let’s talk about the enormity of this film and what Marvel just accomplished.

First, this movie did not disappoint. It is very hard to contemplate a movie that will ever have as much or more anticipation than Endgame. Just think about the build up of this film. From May 2008 to April 2019, Marvel, in 21 films, introduced heros, villians, plots, side plots, family members, love interests and countless easter eggs that culminated into this film.

Second, in a movie full with 10+ main characters, Marvel did an unbelievable job featuring each one and staying true to the characters we’ve all fallen in love with. This point could easily be a thesis paper for a doctoral candidate. The development and story arcs of characters, individually and collectively, in the midst of struggle and triumph is nothing short of amazing. The attention to detail and thoughtful craftsmanship is true artwork. One knock fans may have is the forced fandom moments. We have so many beloved characters but these moments comes as certain team-up pairings during the big fight that are great but also forced and stereotypical.

Lastly, this movie is beauty in motion. Mainly, the movie looks and sounds wonderful. If there is one knock against the movie, the final fight at points was too dark for some of the characters. Otherwise, the final fight displays exactly what many of the DC movies have failed with, Hero power display. Marvel did such a great job of making you feel every punch, kick, hammer throw but also made you feel like you were in motion with each character (thus why I believe 4D would be very good). The sound editing is very good and the song selections in this movie help the viewers follow the emotional rollercoaster ride everyone believes they are in for.

Marvel created near perfection for fans (or a near perfect ending). And the ending of this movie, isn’t even technically the finish to Phase 3 of their universe. That would be Spiderman: Homecoming coming soon. Phase 4 and 5 are also already in the works. Everyone that was a part of this movie and the first 3 phases should be applauded, but their work is not yet done because for those with the greatest power comes great responsibility.

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