Long Shot, right on point?

This week we have before you a review of “Long Shot” starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. A true romantic comedy with millennial humor and socially relevant commentary. Will the odd couple be a match for you to see? Let’s find out.

Let’s get the bad points out of the way. The movie gets corny… BUT THAT’S WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM A ROMANTIC COMEDY! The movie is predictable… BUT WHAT ROMANTIC COMEDY ISN’T?! Seth Rogen is acting like himself… UH DUH WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?! With the obvious things out of the way, let us get to the positive notes.

Now for the positive notes: This movie is undoubtedly funny. I might even go as far as saying hilarious at times. I honestly can say that I laughed from the opening scene to the credits. The writers and actors executed the lines very well.

Speaking of actors, the cast did a very good job. The surprise delight character… O’shea Jackson Jr. He was the perfect compliment friend and character in this movie. Otherwise, Charlize Theron was quite captivating in her role. I found myself falling in love with her, respecting her and laughing at her character. Surprisingly, I think Charlize’s success in the movie is due to her great chemistry with Seth Rogen. Seth displayed some sincere acting ability throughout the movie. Yes, he was doing his normal crass stoner humor, but also displayed some solid range that I didn’t think I wanted to see in romantic comedy. This is a step up from his previous movie “Knocked Up”.

S2S Rating Scale

Long story short, this movie is actually very funny and will have you laughing throughout. This movie is perfect for a date night but I can understand if people don’t want to spend night time fare. DATE NIGHT FRESH POPCORN BOX or catch the matinee.