Emanuel, forgive and don’t forget

The Stream: Only in theaters June 17 through June 19th.

The Big Screen: Heart wrenching narrative of the delicate balance of faith amidst harsh race relations.

The Final Bill: Catch this in the theater while you can, and if you miss it, you should definitely request it on a streaming service.


Stay for the credits

I am actually very glad to be able to present a movie that is close to my soul, Emanuel. Many people remember the headlines about the Emanuel 9, but few remember the people who were truly affected. This limited release movie/documentary from some first time film producers, brings us their story. This film brings us their heart. Emanuel is going to be a movie that flies under the radar, but deserves to be in the forefront of this country’s face and spiritual heart. And I’m glad celebrities such as Stephen Curry and Viola Davis had the heart to get behind this film. So, let’s get to it.

Emanuel, is a deep dive into the four surviving relatives that ultimately shaped the tide of a divided country. The producers of this film did a great job of storytelling. They do a seamless job of navigating current events and feelings, history and spiritual presence. Many times films get lost in typical frameworks, but the producers challenged that narrative. This is part of the reason why I stated it is a movie/documentary. Most would clearly state this as a documentary, but the feel and parts of the beginning of this movie are artfully and cinematically done.

With that said, this movie/documentary is truly about the interviewees and the lesson this country desperately needs to learn from them. Amidst speaking about the loss of their loved ones, these people find a way to speak love, life, and forgiveness into this film. This is ultimately, the best part of the film. There are messages in this film that are needed for this country to heal and move forward. Christians/religious leaders need to be at the forefront of the healing of this country. And, putting your faith in everything good, even when it hurts, is the only message needed to get us past this cultural divide. The producers of this film gave this message a great medium.

S2S: Rating Scale

Long story short, this movie must be seen and supported no matter where you see it. This movie evokes powerful emotions but, more importantly, powerful conversations about race relations and religious belief. In order for this country to succeed and to grow, a movie like this is necessary. Necessary to spark conversation, healing and spiritual growth. So, go see this in the theater or ask that your local theater add more showings of this film. If not, definitely support by finding this on some streaming service or requesting for it.

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