Beats, the musical “Blind Side” or a bum ride?

The Stream: The cast, other than Anthony Anderson, are forgettable in this predictable storyline.

The Big Screen: Anthony Anderson, the beats, and humor are worth the watch.

The Final Bill: Beats is definitely worth watching on Netflix with your favorite snacks.


This week we bring to you a review of an independent movie, Beats. This Netflix Original film never hit the theaters in a large quantity. But, it is films like this that the masses need to be informed about. Do I waste my hour and fifty minutes on this or will this be a pleasant surprise? Luckily, for you all, you have us to do the hard work for you. So, let’s get to it.

Let us begin with my initial reaction, “This should’ve played in the theaters.” I’m sure Netflix does a cost benefit analysis on what to market, which movie to make mainstream and what not, but I think they left some money on the table this time.

This is a great cross breed between the Blind Side and Hustle and Flow: Oscar-type storyline with Oscar-like music. Who can resist that? I know I sure couldn’t. The music is great, especially if you are a person who loves the creation of beats. My head was rocking the entire movie.

The storyline on the other hand, while tragically predictable, was actually a look into the psyche of Chicago/inner city teens in many places in America and across the world. This is a deep dive into the emotional affect off gun/gang violence in this day and age. Furthermore, this is a great view of what it’s like to experience panic/anxiety attacks. Particularly in the minority community, this film is absolutely needed to convey the message about mental health issues resolution and support in the community.

This film speaks to how talented people of color can be, but without there being access to help, knowledge, and a caring individual (even selfishly at first) those same individuals daily fall victim to their situations without the world getting to see their true worth. With that said, a movie like that is necessary to be shown in the mainstream. A movie like this shouldn’t be hidden solely on Netflix without significant marketing and advertising. People across the nation need this message and I think Netflix missed out on participating in that. With that said, I’d feel like I too missed an opportunity help get a person the services they need. If you are in need of mental health assistance, please seek out those services. Do not feel ashamed or alone. The first step is recognizing you need help, the second is confrontation- meeting the challenge on head first and realizing it’s not as overwhelming as you think, third seeking and accepting help..

On top of that, Anthony Anderson did a phenomenal job. He was real in his portrayal of his character. In fact, I dare to say very few actors today could fill his shoes in this role. From smoking weed to son-ing former partners to hitting bottom, Anderson thrives in his role. Unfortunately, no other actor in this movie is as memorable. Netflix knew exactly where they were investing their movie.

Stream to Big Screen Rating Scale

Long story short, an independent film like this that was picked up by Netflix is absolutely needed for the culture. This movie is vulnerable, authentic and entertaining. Hip-hop fans will enjoy the beats and the view of how parts of the industry works. More importantly, the conversation this movie can spark needs to be supported. Definitely, take the time to watch this movie on Netflix.