Gemini Man will make you double take

The Stream: The CGI, at times, is atrocious and at times the movie feels all too familiar.

The Big Screen: Double Will Smith with tons of action to keep you entertained until the end.

The Final Bill: Entertaining movie that will keep you on edge with classic Will Smith moments.


Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes
Rating: PG-13 (for guns and violence, a couple curse words)
Genre: Action
Starring: Will Smith (as Henry and Jr.), Clive Owen (Clay), and Elizabeth Winstead (
Director: Ang Lee
Notable movie trailers: Harriet, Ford v. Ferrari, Black and blue, Just Mercy (looks like Oscar bait), Queen and Slim, Like a Boss and Terminator: Dark Fate

Welcome back to Stream to Big Screen! This week we are reviewing movies and giving out horoscope advice. Gemini: the astrological sign known for its twins symbol and for producing individuals who often show the dual nature of life along with their ability to view life from different angles. Enough of that, this brings us to Gemini Man, the movie for the week.

Gemini Man, stars Will Smith as Henry a hitman ready to retire and actually experience life. Unfortunately for Henry, a younger version of himself (Junior/Jr.) is sent after himself to do what he does best, eliminate the target. Shots fired, pick up some crucial sidekicks along the way, pandemonium ensues and we follow the Wills down the rabbit hole while realizing why the movie is titled Gemini Man.

Needless to say after that synopsis, the storyline isn’t too much different from other movies like this. Think of Red or Red2…. except Bruce Willis has a clone chasing him instead of some random other hitman and not as campy. Yes, we’ve seen this movie before, if you look at it like that BUT we didn’t come to the theater for that. DID YOU NOT COME TO BE ENTERTAINED?! And entertained you shall be. Ang Lee shot this movie in 4K 3D at a high frame rate of 120fps (frames per second), which is supposed to make the movie more natural, smooth and immersive in the 3D and IMAX realms. I will say the movie did feel very smooth almost like a video game. UNFORTUNATELY, Jr. also looked exactly like a video game character for many action scenes in the movie. It was hard to not notice how poorly the CGI blended in for certain parts. But that didn’t spoil the whole movie for me, even though it was quite noticeable.

The action in this movie is very good. Lee definitely struck a great balance between storyline and John Wick fight fest. The movie has a ton of action to keep you entertained throughout without it feeling like one constant fight sequence. The Will on Will action was worth the admission alone but on top of that we got the classic Will moments. Picture your favorite moments in I am Legend, Suicide Squad, Men in Black, Pursuit of Happyness and I, Robot (and etc.) all wrapped into one movie. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT? No, seriously, Will definitely pulled aspects of previous characters to make Henry feel believable and natural. Even his CGI younger self, while at times hard to look at, Will was able to convey the emotion of the scene. His acting actually was quite important to the moral and themes of the movie. Had his performance been lacking, then the movie would’ve floundered.

S2S: Rating Scale

At the end of the day, this won’t go down as one of Will’s best movies, but action-wise, it may be one of his most entertaining. This movie gives you vintage Will Smith. He gives you his full acting range and shoots people along the way. This is a good movie to watch on a big screen. Smith and general action fans, definitely go see it. Everyone else, catch the matinee or a RedBox rental.