The Same Old 21 Bridges

The Stream: Not a shred of original plot or story-line in sight

The Big Screen: The action sequences are quite intense

The Final Bill: The lack of originality dampens the need to pay for the action.

– S2S
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama 
Rating: R (Violent with a lot of shooting, medium bad language)
Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutes
Director: Brian Kirk
Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons
Notable Trailers: Bad Boys For Life (1.17.20), Uncut Gems, Underwater (1.10.20-For Sci-Fi fans), Richard Jewell, The Gentlemen, The Rhythm Section, Queen and Slim, My Spy

We are going to shut down the internet and then fill blog with blue. Wait a minute! That’s not how that line went. Either way, 21 Bridges opened this past weekend and Stream to Big Screen was there for it. 21 Bridges follows Chadwick Boseman as NYPD detective, Andre Davis, while he tracks down a couple of cop killers. During his midnight Manhattan manhunt, and after completely locking down the island, he begins to realize that he is in the middle of what could be a bigger issue than expected. Check out the trailer for yourself.

So, let’s talk about the positive things. This movie is very intense and a has some great action scenes. Those of you who enjoy the John Wick style of shooting/killing, you will enjoy these action sequences. For those of you that love the Mission Impossible Tom Cruise endless sprint scenes, you too will enjoy portions of this movie. That’s all I have.

Everything else was not bad, but it was very forgettable. First, the plot of the movie is almost exactly the same as every other cop-figure-out-a-crime within a crime movie. The execution of the story IS NOT BAD. Chadwick does a relatively good job of being a realistic, straight-edge and uncompromising detective. The criminals, Stephan James as Michael and Taylor Kitsch as Ray, also do a pretty good job at being realistic and believable duo; however, the characters themselves are exactly the same tropes we get in all of these movies. There is not a moment in doubt for the viewer, which is quite amazing for an intense movie that lacks any type of suspense. This might sound harsh but this movie is beyond predictable and unoriginal, it is soul-less.

S2S Rating Scale

Unfortunately, 21 Bridges is not worth going to the theater to view because of the predictable nature and unoriginal plot. Yet, 21 Bridges can be something to watch on an Amazon Prime/Netflix, if you’re bored one day. Better yet, who doesn’t like a shoot’em up cop drama that you don’t have to think about on a boring afternoon. This movie gets a handful of popcorn solely for the intense shootouts.

P.S. there definitely aren’t 21 bridges in and out of Manhattan… unless there are.

P.P.S. one of the opening pictures of NYC definitely was not NYC… Brian Kirk made a mistake with that one. I CAUGHT YOU!