Revival Brings The Spirit And Music

The Stream: Interesting mix of stage play and film can be distracting at times with a small budget

The Big Screen: Modern storytelling, musical performances and captivating performance by Mali Music

The Final Bill: A strong gospel music recreation of the life and crucifixion of Jesus

-S2S: Movie Review
Producers: David C. White, Holly Carter, Harry Lennix
Executive Producers: Steve Harris, T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh, Strathford Hamilton, Marcy Levitas Hamilton
Writer: Harry Lennix, Holly Carter
Starring: Mali Music, Harry Lennix, Chaka Khan, Michelle Williams, and more
Genre: Musical, Gospel
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes (Plus a good song during the credits for a couple minutes)
Released: April 2019
Platforms: various digital & DVD platforms (Amazon, iTunes, FLIXFLING, Vimeo on Demand, Vudu, FANDANGO, Google Play), Walmart, Target and Best Buy 

Hey all of you Stream to Screeners out there. This week we had the honor of reviewing a movie brought to us by TriCoast Entertainment. We appreciate them reaching out to us to review this film, Revival. Revival is a mixed play/film adaptation of the Bible story of Jesus’ resurrection and life. We follow the characters as they give us the stories leading up to the crucifixion and beyond. So Let us tell you what we think of this Easter story.

First and foremost, while the budget was not extravagant for this film, it does not take away from the meaning and ultimate goal of the movie. It is ultimately most important to continue to display and modernize these Biblical stories for posterity. Everyone doesn’t relate to the meat and bones versions of this story, a la The Passion of the Christ. Revival, succeeds in seamlessly, yet somewhat exotically, transitioning from stage play/musical setting to feature film. This movie is one of a kind. Many stage plays that were converted to movies still show as a play, but the producers here have given a product that transcends that “Tyler Perry” type play and upgraded the Sight and Sound productions in Lancaster, Pa to film. Yes, these previously mentioned productions may be renown, but Revival has done enough to deserve their viewership.

Secondly, the music and musical star power in this movie are magnificent. It is said that praise and worship brings the spirit of the Lord down to interact with his people. Revival will have the same affect. The gospel music in this movie is moving, fun, inspirational along with the displays and acting on the screen. From Michelle Williams to Kenny Lattimore, Chaka Khan and more, Revival treats the viewers ears and hearts throughout.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

In conclusion, Revival is a must stream for churchgoers and fans of the Sight and Sound plays. For all others, this movie is guilty pleasure stream because you are treated to solid acting, a good message and even better musical performances. Revival may not have the expensive CGI and cast budget like other productions but that does not take away from the quality in storytelling depicted. In this quarantine time, and off the heels of the Easter season, take the time to stream Revival and may it bring a revival to the spirit in you.