I See You And So Should You

The Stream: Takes a little bit too long to get going and drags a little too long

The Big Screen: Intense and original concept remixed a familiar storyline

The Final Bill: An intense thriller with just enough to keep your heart and mind racing

S2S: Movie Review
Director: Adam Randall
Writer: Devon Graye
Stars: Helen HuntJon TenneyJudah Lewis, Owen Teague  See full cast & crew
Genre: Crime | Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Rating: R (some strong language, a little bit violent)
Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes
Platform: Prime Video

Another week, and hopefully one step closer to a cure but until that day… STREAM TO BIG SCREEN will have to do. Thanks for coming back to get your daily or weekly dose of movie reviews. This week, we are reviewing a psychological crime thriller, I See You. This movie stars the acting veterans Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney as some strange occurrences are popping up in their lives personally, professionally, and physically. We get a look into their lives during an intense few days. So let’s get to what there is to watch about I See You.

Definitely going into this movie with zero expectations created streaming gold. Now, my wife and I love a good psychological thriller or horror movie, and this only slightly disappointed. By slightly, I mean, this movie takes a little too long to get going and also somehow takes too long to end, even though it’s only about 90 minutes. It was a strange fit. I felt myself saying hurry up and get to it; and, then once we were in the meat of it, I found myself saying hurry up and resolve this thing. One could take that as a positive sign. There was a constant state of anxiety in this movie. If that’s what Adam Randall was going for, then he succeeded. If this wasn’t intentional, then you lucked out, buddy!

It was luck in the sense that the storyline is very similar to a lot of movies or even Law & Order: SVU episodes. However, the movie has a pretty good twist that I wish I could say I saw coming but in reality I didn’t. I think I must have been distracted by wanting the movie to getting going, and then being engrossed in the thick of the movie, and then, finally, wanting the movie to resolve. In fact, that’s the sign of a very good movie. You think you know what’s coming and BLAM-O the movie crosses you up like A.I. did Jordan (watch The Last Dance documentary, if you all get a chance).

The only unfortunate part of this movie is the forgettable acting. Helen Hunt doesn’t shine, and here, she can be quite annoying. “Fitz”, or Jon Tenney, is just normal – literally nothing to write home about. The only standout performances were probably from Libe Barer and Owen Teague, but, they were also too minimally in the movie and/or a bit annoying during their scenes. Libe was too whiny and cautious for the actions she takes in the movie and Owen, while appropriate in hindsight, seemed too weird for the characters mindset.

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Nevertheless, I See You is solid addition to the Prime streaming service. The movie provides needed entertainment even with forgetable performances from the cast. The movie presents a familiar storyline with an intense and unique concept twist that keeps the viewer on their toes and full of anxiety. The thriller/suspense fans out there will be pleasantly surprised with this streaming feature. Grab that big box of popcorn and enjoy.

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