The Spell That Ghost Deserved

The Stream: Slightly corny and unrealistic for Ghost.

The Big Screen: Creepy, gory, stressful and good underlying message.

The Final Bill: A divisive horror flick that is a solid imitation of Misery and other similar flicks.

– S2S: Movie Review
Director: Mark Tonderai
Writers: Kurt Wimmer
Stars: Omari HardwickLoretta DevineLorraine Burroughs | See full cast & crew »
Genre: HorrorThriller 
Rating: R (Gore and language)
Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes
Platform: Prime Video (other streaming services for rent/buy)

Welcome back to the New Year horror edition of Stream to Big Screen. This week we were able to watch, Spell, which is about a man whose plane crash lands in rural area of Appalachia and awakens in the attic of a traditional Hoodoo practitioner. We watch as he tries to break free in order to find his family in the wreckage and avoid becoming Ma’s victim before the rise of the blood moon. Let’s see if this is worth streaming.

First off, I wouldn’t ride anywhere with Omari Hardwick. And, he definitely wouldn’t fly me anywhere with no one’s license, but that’s neither here nor there. But this movie is his comeuppance for all those years of shenanigans as Ghost.

Second, Loretta Devine can be the crazy black lady in any movie. Between Octavia Spencer and her, they can act up some southern/slave crazy any day. Yes, she overdoes it, but in a horror thriller do we really want someone being only slightly crazy? Noooo! We want the full on weirdo. Loretta delivers.

Now, let’s talk about how black folk didn’t want to go to West Virginia in the first place; and, after this movie, there won’t be a chance in hell you catch them out in those parts. There’s a saying that goes, “all your skin folk aint ya kinfolk”. This movie is stressful. This movie is weird, gross and just creepy enough to keep it entertaining but just dumb enough to say that I wouldn’t pay for this mess. Now, I just so happen to love a good “bad” movie; and, the bad wire work ending, foot size throughout the movie, and randomness kept this in that realm. I’m not certain this falls in that category because for all intents and purposes this cast has star power and the direction and writing are pretty solid. I think it fell apart with execution overall; however, this movie gives me a mix of a black Misery, The Hills Have Eyes and The Skeleton Key. In reality, I can see people falling on either side of the spectrum.

S2S: Official Rating Scale

Without a doubt, I think Spell will be a polarizing movie. I think horror fans will enjoy this a bit more than those general people just trying to see Ghost in a new movie. You’re going to separate Ghost from the spell you should be under in this movie. Horror fans grab a bowl and everyone else catch this if you get bored with a handful of popcorn.